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ePipe 2000 Family Additional Information

ePipe 2000 Family Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning

This document provides information that will help you to obtain the best possible performance from ePipe and your network.

Internet Connections

To ensure you obtain the best performance from dial-up internet connections:

Finer points of 56k modems.

The so-called "56kbps" modems only achieve 56k when dialled in to special digital equipment at an ISP. Even then, the 56k data rate applies only in the "downstream" direction, that is, from the ISP to the client. In other cases (upstream, or when a 56k modem dials another 56k modem) the maximum possible data rate is 33.6 kbps. Note also, that the stated speed of a modem is only the maximum possible speed, and that the actual speed achieved may be considerably lower due to problems related to line quality and distance from the local exchange. It is not uncommon for modems to be limited to speeds as low as 24kbps due to poor quality telephone lines. In some rural areas, lines can be so bad that even 10kbps is unlikely. The speed achieved by a modem connection can vary from time to time, even from the same location. When a modem is connected, you can use the ePipe WWW status report to show the true speed at which the connection was established. The console commands SHOW INTERNET DOD and SHOW PORT x STATUS also display the actual modem speed.

Intelligent Internet Bonding (I2B)

I2B operates by intercepting each HTTP connection, and rerouting it over a specific modem link. Thus the time taken to downloading a single large file cannot be improved by I2B. However, the time taken to download the average WWW page will be improved greatly, as most WWW pages consist of multiple files---one HTML file per frame, plus all the images, animations and Java applets. Here are some things you can do to get the best results with I2B:

Connection Bundles

Some hints on effective configuration of dial-on-demand bundles

Getting the most from ePipe's Bandwidth-on-Demand features

End-to-End Bonding (E2B)

Some hints on tuning E2B parameters.

VPN Client (PPTP)

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