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Internet Services

Secure Remote Access

Site to Site VPN

Direct Connection Services

Hardware Requirements

Technical Support

ePipe ServerWare Technical Specifications

Configuration Details

ePipe ServerWare is based on a hardened version of Linux. It is tightly integrated with the operating system and entirely takes over the computer on which it is installed. Access to the Linux operating system is not available. Models include:

active IPSec connections
configured IPSec connections
remote user
active PPTP connections

Click here to active VPN tunnels within your ePipe ServerWare.

ePipe ServerWare diagram, 29k


Internet Services

Firewall Packet filtering with extensible rules
Internet access - outgoing Network Address Translation (NAT)
Internet access - incoming NAT with TCP/UDP port redirection
Scalable bandwidth Multilink IP
Bandwidth control Dynamic link establishment, with thresholds
Access control Time-based link establishment
Availability Auto failover to ancillary dialup/broadband links

Secure Remote Access Services (SRA)

Authentication & accounting RADIUS, PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP
VPN clients Microsoft VPN Adapter (PPTP)
Encryption MPPE

Site to Site VPN Services (SSV)

Site-to-Site VPN IPSec tunnel mode, ESP MD5, SHA-1 and RMD160 authentication algorithms
Key management Manually configured keys or IKE with shared secret authentication
Encryption DES, 3DES, 128-bit AES and 128-bit Blowfish
Bandwidth control Multilink IP (ML-IP) combines connections into a tunnel. Dynamic link establishment based on thresholds

Direct Connection Services (DCS)

Authentication RADIUS, PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP
Direct dial-in Windows dial-up networking; any PPP client
Direct dial-out Dial on demand, Windows modem pooling
Enterprise access Telnet, network printing, UNIX modem pools
Port compatibility Windows COM ports and UNIX tty ports

Hardware Requirements

Model CPU Memory Disk
Concentrator-10 400MHz Pentium III 64MB 1.2GB
Concentrator-50 700MHz Pentium III 64MB 1.2GB
Concentrator-150 700MHz Pentium III 128MB 1.2GB

  • Bootable IDE CD-ROM drive
  • IDE hard disk drive
  • PCI Ethernet 10/100 NICs and quad cards (max. 8 segments)

ePipe ServerWare can connect to the IP VPNs, the Internet, IP-enabled Frame Relay networks or ATM networks over the following interfaces:

  • Up to 7 leased lines or broadband routers, using multiple Ethernet interfaces
  • Up to 7 ADSL modems using multiple Ethernet interfaces
  • Up to 10 ISDN terminal adapters, using an 8 port Stallion multiport serial card* and two internal COM ports
  • Up to 10 analog modems, using an 8 port Stallion multiport serial card* and two internal COM ports

* Stallion EasyIO and EasyConnection multiport cards supported only.

Supported Ethernet card chipsets include:

EthernetExpress Pro/100

SiS 900/7016
PCI NE2000 TI ThunderLAN
AMD PCnet32 DECchip Tulip
RealTek 8129/8139 VIA Rhine

See the ePipe ServerWare Getting Started guide (539K PDF) for a list of supported Ethernet cards. Stallion EasyIO and EasyConnection are the only multiport serial cards supported by ePipe ServerWare (supporting up to 8 serial ports).

Technical Support

ePipe ServerWare Concentrator includes 12 months free telephone technical support for registered users. Registered users also receive free software updates for a period of 12 months. Additional annual support agreements are available. Contact ePipe for details.

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