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ML-IP Concentrator Technical Specifications

Multilink IP Bandwidth Aggregation and Management
Bandwidth control (site-site) Multilink IP (ML-IP) aggregates connections into a site to site tunnel
High availability All active links aggregate data (no idle links)
  Automatic fallback to fewer broadband links for resiliency
  Broadband fail-over to up to 4 bonded dial backup links
Carrier access service xDSL, Leased Line, or Cable (up to 4 links)
  ISDN, PSTN or wireless (up to 4 links)
Primary access ports Supports 4 xDSL or leased line routers, xDSL bridges
Backup access ports Supports 4 analog modems, ISDN TAs
Operating System supported Red Hat Linux 7.2
Networks supported Any IP-enabled network (Private, Public, Frame Relay, ATM)
Compatibility Works with all CPE VPN and firewall solutions
Bandwidth control (Internet) Load-balances Internet sessions (outbound requests) over available links
Monitoring and Configuration  
Configuration Simple browser based tool
Monitoring Discovery on local network; network and communications statistics; hardware status
Product Description Rec. System Configuration
ePipe ML-IPC-10 Terminates 10 ML-IP tunnels 800MHz Celeron, 256MB RAM
ePipe ML-IPC-50 Terminates 50 ML-IP tunnels 1.4GHz P4, 256MB RAM
ePipe ML-IPC-100 Terminates 100 ML-IP tunnels 2 GHz P4, 256MB RAM*
Click here to active ML-IP tunnels within your ML-IP Concentrator
* ePipe ML-IPC-100 requires 64-bit PCI Ethernet cards

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