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ML-IP Licensees

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Embedding ML-IP into Access Routers

Networking vendors that develop and market access routers can license ML-IP to integrate it into their own products - giving them the opportunity to offer broadband bandwidth acceleration, to a wide range of customers, across almost any 'last-mile' connection. As ML-IP is neutral to the access network it can be added after market with minimal investment. Other methods such as IMA and ML-PPP are not always suitable, as they need to be deployed to every network access point. With ML-IP, each remote location can use multiple links from the CPE to an ML-IP Concentrator at the head office or service provider (depending on the need). This means that ML-IP can be deployed over T-1/E-1, xDSL, Cable, Satellite and dial up because ML-IP bonds links over IP.

Embedding ML-IP into Custom Communications Devices

In certain circumstances, purpose-built communications equipment is required because of environmental, space, power or other constraints. Many of these devices have a need to expand their bandwidth beyond that available through a single link which carriers IP network traffic. ML-IP can be designed into these devices. Each ML-IP capable device can then use multiple links to their data collection or networking center providing expanded bandwidth. This is particularly convenient as bandwidth can be expanded after market, without relying on the access network to be upgraded to provide multilink capability at all access points.

Access to the ML-IP Protocol

The ML-IP protocol has been developed for 'open source' operating environments such as xBSD and Linux. Therefore it can be readily ported to network appliances and specialist communications equipment that use these environments. ML-IP works with the gamut of T-1/xDSL access routers and broadband modems over Ethernet links. It also supports analog modems and ISDN TAs over asynchronous serial links. You can build solutions that expand broadband bandwidth at each location up to 20 Mbps.

Contact ePipe engineering

ePipe's engineering team can help manufacturers to add the ML-IP protocol to their network capable devices. They can aid in porting the ML-IP protocol to their particular hardware running xBSD or Linux. For other real-time operating systems ePipe can aid customer engineers in porting from the original source to the target environment as needed. Just send an e-mail outlining your requirements to: - development@ml-ip.com


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